Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last day at the beach


Digging the rug.

Breakfast in shades at the 4th of May Cafe.

She was enamored with her sunglasses that morning!

Back on the beach, and it was my turn to be a sand sculptor!
A rogue wave washed away her arm, and made her crack down the middle. The other arm had turned out so perfect, and I didn't even get a picture.



And that's it!

I didn't take but a few photos on our last day. Randy and I were getting thougoughly tired of being sandy, and of cleaning up sandy babies. We left the next morning, and were so happy to be home! Elliot continued to ask to go to the beach everyday for close to a week afterwards. Our trip landed about a week and a half after potty training suddenly clicked with Elliot, and I was worried that his progress might go down the drain with the change in routine. I was relieved that it actually had the opposite effect! He had only a couple accidents, and they were while we were at the condo. We haven't had a poop accident since then!

Beach Day 2

I'm over a month behind on posts! I'm going to try to play catch up because I'm already starting to forget what we've done over the past month. Here's some more of our beach trip!

Randy the sand sculptor!


Sandy sea turtle. I think Elliot gave it it's eyes.

Guess who got over her fear of the ocean?! It took 10 minutes of clinging and crying while I sat in the edge of the waves with her before she decided she liked it. She had so much fun once she made friends with the water!




Beach babies from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.


Elliot on the beach from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

My tiny scientists studying the holes in the sand.

Wave hopper from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

We stayed out on the beach way too long which resulted in late naps, and severely grumpy after-nap children. Tears and tears.

Supper at a seafood place and some amazing bread pudding (that Sylvie attacked) for dessert made it all better!

Supper was followed up by checking out an awesome toy store in the shops near the pier, some playground playing, a walk on the pier where Elliot became very concerned after seeing a big fish cut up in a man's cooler, squirrel watching at the huge oak trees, and some more playground playing.





Elliot is too fast to take pictures of on the playground.

Before bed snack.

Blueberry baby from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

This is what the ocean humidity does to my hair.

Night-night Elliot! He slept on an air mattress between two twin beds. We woke up to him screaming bloody murder in the wee hours one night. He had somehow crawled under one of the beds earlier during the night, fell asleep, and then woke up scared and stuck!

Friday, June 17, 2011

And the sun says goodnight...

I think we'll sleep with our windows open tonight.

The world is singing, and it is lovely.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Another mini vacay.

Mama hit a breaking point. Randy left work early. I headed to Warner Robins again. Listened to old radio shows on the way up. Targeted for well over an hour. Picked up some things to flesh out the playroom a bit more. Hit up Hobby Lobby for a doll needle to complete a little project. Olive Garden for soup, salad, and breadsticks. I stuck with a Coke this time and remembered to use my gift card. Headed home listening to the Sinatra station on XM and then a track-by-track with Sierra Hull on the bluegrass station. I need to make some use of my Ipod. I wonder where it's at? Got home and sat on the sofa and held a dozing Randy's hand and Munchie kitty's paw while watching the original Karate Kid. I've never seen that movie all the way through before, and still haven't.

Some short term goals I really want to work at:

1- Go to bed earlier. No later than 11, and by 10 would be even better.
2- Get up at least 15 minutes before the kids.
3- Cook more.

I cooked supper one night this week, and it was good. Oven "fried" chicken, sweet potato fries, and steamed broccoli (which I haven't liked since being pregnant with Sylvie). I asked Elliot which he liked better, picking up something in town to eat or Mama cooking something to eat and he said he liked my cooking better. :)

Elliot starts swim lessons next Monday. They are one-on-one for 30 minutes every weekday for two weeks. I hope, hope, hope it goes well! He's very fearful of water in his face and ears. He seems excited about going to "swim school"!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beach trip - Our arrival and first day

Max and Ruby on the dvd player and nose picking = fine entertainment. Notice the new pack-n-play box between the carseats? I reminded him to pack our pack-n-play twice, but about halfway there Randy realized he forgot it. And the stroller. So now we have 2 pack-n-plays. We did without a stroller.

The bridge to cross over onto St. Simons Island!

We're here, we're here!!

Boats in the marina.

We hit the beach the next morning. Hello lovely beach!

Sylvie stepped off the boardwalk, and this is what happened as soon as her little pink Croc touched the sand! I think it was all just overwhelming for her - the expanse of space, bright sun reflecting off sand and water, and the waves crashing.

It took her awhile, but she finally warmed up to playing in the sand. She wouldn't have anything to do with the water unless we brought it to her in a bucket.

Elliot had no issues whatsoever. He is made for the beach. Except for inheriting my pasty white skin.

He loves that sand truck.

Sylviezilla - destructor of castles. Poor girl never quite recovered from her initial beach shock. I think she may have had a bit of reaction to the sunscreen. Randy said in dismay, "I think she's allergic to the beach!" Runny eyes, runny nose, splotchy red places on her face. I applied it sparingly on her face after that.

Making Sylvie a pool since she wouldn't go near the water.

He looks so peaceful studying the water.

Love that laugh!

Such a bad picture, look at Sylvie's face! It's pretty much the only one of me though.

The kids were so ready for naptime. Randy was, too!

After a nap and lunch (that I cooked!) we played in the too cold pool and went for a walk on the beach. Sylvie was cold and wanted to stay wrapped up in a towel in Randy's arms. Such a pretty little girl.

Elliot the explorer!

Making all kinds of discoveries. They were both so impressed with the tiny hermit crabs. We also played Dodge the Dead Jellyfish since it was low tide. Yuck.

I love this sand bar part of the beach.

Little beach babe! She finally consented to being put down, but then would walk 6 inches and then stop to see a hole in the sand from one of the little critters (whatever they are) that lives under the sand, say "Uh-oh!", and then walk another six inches and stop again. She rode on my shoulders the rest of the way back to the condo or we would have never made it back to eat supper.

Beach Boy from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chill pill.

My lunch. Sliced bananas, Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup, and pecans. No wonder I keep growing out!

Why are my childen so daburn (is that a word?) ill today?! And yesterday. The decibel level has been off the charts. Elliot has perfected a continuous high pitched screech/whine that makes me want to rip my ears off. Sylvie was okay yesterday, but today she can't decide if she wants to be held or if she wants to be put down. I've yet to figure out how to do both simultaneously, and she lets me know her displeasure. Oh, and I'm weaning her off of her before bed bottle and she's not thrilled. We're down to only one bottle a day, before her nap, and I'm dreading giving that one up. It's also making me incredibly sad, and I keep feeling sniffly when I think about giving her her very last bottle ever. Bottle time is peaceful. She drinks her bottle as she lays in my lap while we rock in the glider rocker in her room, lights out, she snuggles and strokes her favorite Piglet stuffed animal with her eyes half closed, and I sing a lullaby. I'm going to miss that so much. She's not impressed with milk in a sippy cup.

Elliot's 3rd birthday is fast approaching! It's next Monday, but we're not having his party until the 11th. It's going to be a beach/pool party theme, except we don't have a pool so we'll be playing in the sprinkler.

I'm way behind on posts. There are not enough hours in the day, and I've been wasting a lot of them with looking at house plans and pinning lots of pretty things!