Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday's moments.

The disaster of a playroom.

Elliot woke up from his nap not feeling good, so we fixed a cozy bed up on the sofa. Complete with a snack.

Whatever he does, she must do also. To keep her from invading Elliot's bed I tucked her in on the loveseat. And gave her a snack.

She didn't stay still too long. Tolerant kitty.

Despite it looking all sweet and happy, yesterday was one of those days with seemingly endless crying, fussing, and fighting with a mama who was snappy and short-tempered. I counted the hours until Randy came home. He took the kids to his mom's for supper, and I escaped the house for a few minutes at the flea market, Sonic's, and the dollar store. After discovering that the cat had pooped in our tub. When you gotta go, you gotta go! My fault for unknowingly shutting him into our bathroom all morning. And I think he was pretty smart for using the tub.

My flea market booth. Please somebody buy that sofa! I'm tired of it being there, and it takes up so much room. This will be the first full month I've had my booth, and so far so good. I've made back my booth rental plus a few dollars within the first third of the month so whatever else I make is profit!


  1. awe Edie. your booth is so cute... i`m not suprised its doing so well! what a pretty flea market, too! the gingham wallpaper and beadboard walls... it looks move in ready ;)

  2. Thanks! We fixed it up as it was just bare studs. So I guess I haven't really made a profit until we make back enough to cover the materials we bought. I wish it was gingham wallpaper! It does look like that in the photo, but it's just pegboard that I painted. I still want to paint the floor to make it look more like a room, and eventually as we sell off all our unwanted things from around the house I want to outfit it like a little cottage room with refinished furniture and pretty things.


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