Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden dreams.

I have big vegetable gardening dreams. They involve a large veggie garden surrounded by a rustic fence with gates and arbors, willow branch teepees for climbing plants, a tiny green house, raised beds separated by gravel paths, year round harvests, herbs, compost bins, beneficial insects, a fruit orchard, a small pecan orchard, heirloom plants, veggies interplanted with ornamentals, irrigation systems, and about a million and three other things that aren't coming to mind right now.

I can see it all in my head.

But right now, this is what we have. We're learning every year, and one day we'll get to the point of being able to make my dream garden happen.

Baby squash.

Newborn okra.

Ichiban eggplant bloom. It's the long and skinny kind. There is one that's getting pretty big, but the photo of it just looked lewd.

Rutabaga. The biggest, prettiest plants in the garden.

Pretty little strawberry. We only have 4 plants, but maybe we'll get a little handful or two to snack on.

Future tomatoes. There are about 9 plants, two different heirloom varieties.

Scuppernong vines. I guess that's technically what it's called, but we've always called them scupplins. And I'm not sure how that's really spelled, or even if it's a real word.

Tiny baby scupplins(sp?).

The photo that showed the whole garden just looked like a big weedy mess so I didn't bother with it. There are also two rows of corn, some cucumbers, sweet potatoes, dill, oregano, mint, and 3 kinds of sunflowers. I planted sunflowers on every row or part of a row that didn't have anything planted on it. Randy may have even planted some of the sweet potoatoes where I planted sunflowers. I can't remember. I can't wait for them to get tall and bloom! There are also two plum trees that don't have a single plum on them. They were covered with them earlier in the spring, but we didn't spray and lost them all. Try, try again.

BTW - I'll be at the beach when this is posted! This is the first time I've scheduled a post, ain't I all bloggy and sophisticated!


  1. Wow! Your garden dreams got much further than mine did this year. I didn't get anything planted.

    By the way, I *love* love love the imagery of your dream garden. You will have it some day!

  2. If all the tomato plants do well, we'll supply you with plenty! And thank you. I like to visit it in my head every now and then.


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