Monday, May 16, 2011

The art of drinking from a hose.

Friday morning. Can you recall just how magical a gushing water hose and a blue plastic pool were when you were a child? They still are, just a little.

Oh beautiful girl...I can see you just like this at age 10 with a sprinkle of freckles across your nose, rosy flushed cheeks, and strawberry blonde hair pulled into messy french braids. This was your very first try, but you'll be an old pro at drinking from the hose by then. Just don't let it happen too fast.

Not quite 3 on this day, but tomorrow? Time will pass in the blink of an eye. And you'll be 13, doing yard work with Daddy, taking a break to get a drink from the hose and letting the cold water run over your head to cool down from the Georgia heat.




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