Saturday, May 28, 2011

A storybook cottage

storybook cottage
Southern, Country, Farmhouse, 1 1/2 story House Plans - Home Design LS-97023-UDA # 21051

I'm quite infatuated with this little (but big) house! Even though actual building is at least 2-3 years away, we've started browsing houseplans. I'm already beginning to imagine this one tucked into our (nearly) 100 acre woods!

Edited to add:
I used my detective skills and figured out that this house was Country Home magazine's showhouse in 1996! Google provided the actual magazine article that featured it, and while most of the photos are of the decor, you can get an idea of what the interior looks like. I've been clicking back and forth between the floor plan and photos to get a better idea of how everything is layed out. I've got a serious crush on this house now. I saw the photos of the kitchen, suddenly got all big-eyed, and thought, "Are you kidding me?!", because that's pretty much EXACTLY what I've been picturing in my head. I've been telling Randy for years that I want inset cabinet doors, wood on bottom, white on top with glass doors, some open shelving for pretty dishes, an island with seating, and a pantry with a screen door!!! I've even pointed out beadboard cabinetry before! If I could make Randy see the light, I'd go ahead and buy these plans and put them away for safe-keeping. I'm slightly giddy inside thinking about the possibility of this house, and I'm trying not to be annoying about it to him. So I'll just annoy a couple of you instead! :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011


When Daisy expires one day long from now, probably from a yapping induced heart attack, I would like another little house dog. We met a Brussels Griffon on the beach, and she was so sweet and adorable! Definitely going on my mental list of breeds to look into.

Photo from a Google image search
Besides, what could be better than having my own personal Ewok?

Sand and sun.


I'll post more photos this weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden dreams.

I have big vegetable gardening dreams. They involve a large veggie garden surrounded by a rustic fence with gates and arbors, willow branch teepees for climbing plants, a tiny green house, raised beds separated by gravel paths, year round harvests, herbs, compost bins, beneficial insects, a fruit orchard, a small pecan orchard, heirloom plants, veggies interplanted with ornamentals, irrigation systems, and about a million and three other things that aren't coming to mind right now.

I can see it all in my head.

But right now, this is what we have. We're learning every year, and one day we'll get to the point of being able to make my dream garden happen.

Baby squash.

Newborn okra.

Ichiban eggplant bloom. It's the long and skinny kind. There is one that's getting pretty big, but the photo of it just looked lewd.

Rutabaga. The biggest, prettiest plants in the garden.

Pretty little strawberry. We only have 4 plants, but maybe we'll get a little handful or two to snack on.

Future tomatoes. There are about 9 plants, two different heirloom varieties.

Scuppernong vines. I guess that's technically what it's called, but we've always called them scupplins. And I'm not sure how that's really spelled, or even if it's a real word.

Tiny baby scupplins(sp?).

The photo that showed the whole garden just looked like a big weedy mess so I didn't bother with it. There are also two rows of corn, some cucumbers, sweet potatoes, dill, oregano, mint, and 3 kinds of sunflowers. I planted sunflowers on every row or part of a row that didn't have anything planted on it. Randy may have even planted some of the sweet potoatoes where I planted sunflowers. I can't remember. I can't wait for them to get tall and bloom! There are also two plum trees that don't have a single plum on them. They were covered with them earlier in the spring, but we didn't spray and lost them all. Try, try again.

BTW - I'll be at the beach when this is posted! This is the first time I've scheduled a post, ain't I all bloggy and sophisticated!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


After a week of 90+ degree weather, this little cool spell has been surprising. It's been in the low 50's the past few mornings so pants, socks, and jackets are required for playing out on the porch for the first few hours of the day. It's warmed back up today, just in time for our beach trip!

Chilly Sylvie.

Elliot wasn't being cooperative so I told him I wanted to take a photo of his plane.

I'm not sure why Munchie looked so miffed. Maybe he's cold?

A cute Sylvie story-
We've given in to his pleading and now allow Elliot to get candy out of gumball machines. We were leaving a restaurant yesterday after meeting Randy in town for lunch, Elliot got some candy, and then I took him to the restroom (potty training seems to be going well). When we came back out, Sylvie had candy slobber dripping down her chin. Randy said she was so pitiful, going up to the gumball machines, turning the handles and cupping her hands underneath while saying "Dis? Dis?" (this), and waiting for candy to come out. So he got her some M&M's. :)

Her vocabulary is really taking off! Her new favorite word is flower. It sounds more like fower, but with some kind of weird vowel-y twang to the middle of it. She uses it often, in reference to flowers printed on her clothes, flowers in the yard, and flowers in the craft section at Wal-mart. She even pointed at her hairbow holder on the wall of her room and said it yesterday afternoon. And sure enough she has a couple flower clippies on it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm not a big fan of chores. So much so that I mostly avoid them. Obviously. But there is one chore that I love, that I look forward to, and that I have selfishly claimed for my own. Not that there is a mob (or a Randy) beating down my door to get to do this chore or anything.

Folding the kids' clean laundry.

Fresh out of the dryer. Warm and soft. Sweet little clothes ready and waiting to be played in and slept in.

It's my therapy. I prefer to fold their clothes during naptime or after bedtime so I can enjoy it. So I can sit and reflect. I think about what we were doing the day they wore this outfit or that t-shirt. I assess which of their clothes are almost outgrown or what has changed from "going out" clothes to "play at home" clothes.

I mourn that there are almost no onesies left in the laundry basket, and that very soon all of Sylvie's clothes will have a "T" after the size number instead of "months". And all too soon Elliot's won't have a "T" on them at all.
Tiny undies.

Less than 3 weeks until this shirt will be retired. *sniffle*

I fold each little item, matching outfits together and pajama shirts to pajama bottoms and stack everything in it's category. I turn the jumble of tangled clothes in the basket into neat organized piles ready to be put away in their dressers.
All folded and ready to be put away. The ones on top get hung up in their closets.

And sometimes along the way, my tangled disorganized thoughts just might get folded, and stacked, and put away neatly, too.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want a calico kitten.

Kitten Face 2

Kinda like this one. (photo via Flickr)

And if I tell him, Randy is going to look at me like I totally lost it.

Maybe I should ask for one for my birthday.

Wearing me thin (but I'm still fat).

These guys. They wear me out. Yesterday was a Monday through and through. It's saving graces were the wonderfully cool rainy weather, and a phone call from halfway across the world (Qatar). Oh, and reservations made for a trip to the beach! But the rest of the day was filled with a little miss who climbed everything in sight, including trying to scale the front of the oven like a little rock climber. I'd like to see a tally of how many times I removed her from table tops throughout the day. She was agitated and quick to cry, and I administered a couple doses of motrin to try to ease teething pain. It must be torture to have razor sharp little teeth cutting their way through your gums!

Elliot decided on his own that it was time for big boy undies (whohoo!) and used the Big Potty tons, demanding marshmallows for pee-pee rewards and prizes for poopin' in the pot. I'm now out of prizes so I don't know what's going to happen today. Why did we ever start using a rewards system for potty training?! I'm proud of him though. I tried an almost totally hands-off approach this time, and let him do pretty much everything himself except cleaning up after #2's. It seemed to work much better than constant reminders and nagging. He even wore his undies during naptime and made it through dry. He did have a couple pee accidents after Randy got home from work. We'll see what today brings.

A dirty porch makes for grubby little feet.



One of Elliot's prizes was a kaleidoscope. He tucked it into his "pocket" for safe-keeping while driving his motorcycle. Funny kid.

Biker boy from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

He crashed at the very end and bopped his nose on the daybed, but he was okay after some snuggles and a nose replacement. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The art of drinking from a hose.

Friday morning. Can you recall just how magical a gushing water hose and a blue plastic pool were when you were a child? They still are, just a little.

Oh beautiful girl...I can see you just like this at age 10 with a sprinkle of freckles across your nose, rosy flushed cheeks, and strawberry blonde hair pulled into messy french braids. This was your very first try, but you'll be an old pro at drinking from the hose by then. Just don't let it happen too fast.

Not quite 3 on this day, but tomorrow? Time will pass in the blink of an eye. And you'll be 13, doing yard work with Daddy, taking a break to get a drink from the hose and letting the cold water run over your head to cool down from the Georgia heat.




Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday's moments.

Brand new box of chalk = happy kid (for a little while at least).

Deadheaded the roses while the kids were drawing with the chalk, tossing birdseed on the ground, and messing with things they shouldn't.

Baby Kitty climbed the magnolia and climbed around looking cute for a while.
Not long until it blooms!

Juice break! Notice Daisy patiently waiting at the door?

I spent some time at the brush pile finding and cutting sticks for a crafty project. And neighbors a mile away probably heard me yelling at the kids non-stop. That area of the yard is NOT child friendly. The brush pile is probably snake central, the shelter at the shop is filled with spidery, snakey nooks and crannies and tetanus galore, there's a tractor with a plow with sharp edges, and a tree infested with poison ivy. All of which they want to explore of course!

Sylvie decides it's time for a spin on the golf cart.
I agree.

PB & J and a bit of tv.
Little Bear and Owl. They caught a whale.


The Great Glue Gun Search of 2011. That closet is scary.
Victory! Then it took me 10 more minutes to find the glue sticks.

I forgot about the camera for the rest of the day.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday's moments.

The disaster of a playroom.

Elliot woke up from his nap not feeling good, so we fixed a cozy bed up on the sofa. Complete with a snack.

Whatever he does, she must do also. To keep her from invading Elliot's bed I tucked her in on the loveseat. And gave her a snack.

She didn't stay still too long. Tolerant kitty.

Despite it looking all sweet and happy, yesterday was one of those days with seemingly endless crying, fussing, and fighting with a mama who was snappy and short-tempered. I counted the hours until Randy came home. He took the kids to his mom's for supper, and I escaped the house for a few minutes at the flea market, Sonic's, and the dollar store. After discovering that the cat had pooped in our tub. When you gotta go, you gotta go! My fault for unknowingly shutting him into our bathroom all morning. And I think he was pretty smart for using the tub.

My flea market booth. Please somebody buy that sofa! I'm tired of it being there, and it takes up so much room. This will be the first full month I've had my booth, and so far so good. I've made back my booth rental plus a few dollars within the first third of the month so whatever else I make is profit!