Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've had absolutely zero interest in uploading photos or making blog entries as of late.

I've had an online journal of some type for around the past 7 or 8 years. Ideally I'd love to keep a blog. I'd love to share funny stories of my children, photos that offer little glimpses into my life, and bits and pieces of our daily going-ons. I like thinking about having a blog and what it could be. I love the idea of blogging (even if I do hate that word).

In reality, I don't really like blogging. It's something that I really WANT to like. But I don't really. It feels like a chore.

I love reading blogs, and being inspired by others. I don't love the information overload, and I have a hard time regulating my computer time. There is SO much out there. Blogs are my reality tv. I get involved in the stories and families and watching the children of strangers (that I think of as friends) grow up. I laugh at their funny stories, shed a few tears over their hardships, admire their homes and talents, and wonder and even worry when someone's blog goes quiet for a long period of time without explanation. I often feel like I have more of a vested interest in the lives of strangers than in the lives of my real-life friends and family.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

I plan on participating in Screen-Free Week coming up week after next. I need to fast from the computer. I need to stop using The Disney Channel as a crutch for entertaining Elliot. I need to become an active participant in my own life.

*Edit* I made the jump and invited some friends and family to read this blog. Maybe if I have a few more readers I'll be motivated to post!


  1. blogs are my reality tv, too. i like that i could probably spot your family in a crowd over the Kardashians or something.

    i am off to check out this screen-free week. i'll be first to admit i spend way too much time in front of the computer screen. i've tried to be smarter about it lately.. now that i am finally getting our family on a schedule. but it can be hard, there really is just TOO much to suck you in. and facebook, darnit! i'd get so much more done in life if it didn't exist.

  2. oh ps- have a great week!! let me know how it goes!

    oh pps- did you get randy's results back yet?? <3

  3. Thanks Kim! Randy's results all came back normal, thank goodness! If he continues having the heart racing spells then they'll do some more monitoring and possibly a stress test. He's attributing it to stress.

    Yes, facebook is the devil! I've cut my ties a bit, not uploading so many photos, blocking people who clutter up my wall with a gazillion status updates, and making some friends cuts. But it still wastes so much time!

  4. By the way, congrats on no longer being considered spam, haha!

  5. So glad you gave me this link! I love blogs, too...especially when they are done by people that I love. Maybe I can keep up with you on here since we don't get to see each other too much. I love you bunches!

  6. I love reading your blog posts. They're so cute! Please stay!


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