Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sylvie at One Year

Sylvie visited the pediatrician yesterday for her one year old well-check and vaccines. She's turning into a little social butterfly and is so friendly to everyone! When the nurse called her name to go back, Sylvie took off across the waiting room and walked straight to her ready to be picked up. She even found herself a boyfriend while we were there! Too bad he's at least twenty years older than she is! A cute little awkward P.A. student was doing his clinical rounds, and gave Sylvie a mini check-up. Sylvie took to him immediately and sat in his lap, stared him down while he listened to her heart and lungs, and then played with his stethescope, giggled at his photo on his name badge, and took all the pens out of his coat pocket while we talked about how she was doing. The nurse that came in later said that the P.A. student was tickled to bits that she took to him so! I love thinking that a little bit of attention from a sweet baby girl can possibly make someone's day or even their week!

Sylvie's stats at one year old:
height - 31.5 inches (98th percentile)
weight - 24 lbs. (89th percentile)
head - BIG! (99th percentile)

Her feet are big, too. She's now in a size 5 shoe.

She has three teeth fully in, two bottoms and her left top. The right top tooth finally cut through a couple days ago and it looks like she's going to have my signature gapped front teeth (braces and bonding mostly corrected mine).

Sylvie has been walking since Christmas Eve when she was just shy of 11 months. She's nearly a pro now!

Her hair is getting so long! We've given her bangs one little trim, and we need to do it again. She won't keep a bow in unless she's really distracted so her hair is always in her eyes.

She has been saying Daddy (Dah-ee) and kitty (kee-kee) since 9 months, and has added juice, cracker, fish (dish), turtle (tuh-tuh), uh-oh, and shoe to her word line-up. She occasionally says Mama, but only when she's upset. She imitates lots of sounds that we make, especially coughing, growling, and blowing noses. She dances, sometimes by bouncing and most recently by waving her arms. She copycats Elliot on loads of stuff! Especially the bad things like hitting and throwing toys when he's mad.

She is FEISTY. She falls down screaming and slings herself backwards smacking the floor when she gets really mad. She hates diaper changes and being dressed. She is a biter and a slapper, mostly towards her brother. Those kids are majorly rough on each other!

She eats really well, and we've been done with baby food for a couple months. She gets excited about bananas. We've been transitioning her to whole milk, and are nearly done with the last can of formula!

She's really a funny kid, endlessly entertaining! She plays awesome by herself and her current favorite thing to do is climb into Elliot's toddler bed and play with his blankets and stuffed animals until she gets bored and needs to be helped down. Her favorite toy is her stuffed Piglet. He is her special lovey that she sleeps with and snuggles when she's tired or upset. She also likes to shove him in our faces so we'll give him kisses. She is majorly huggy and kissy, and I absolutely adore it!


We were in the circus exam room.

Sylvie on "stage".


Creepy trapeze lady.

Spinning the doctor's stool always proves to be entertaining.

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