Monday, February 7, 2011


It's naptime.

Oh how I wish the kids' bedrooms were on a second story or way off to the back of the house somewhere! I want to do some mad crafting, or maybe even some mad cleaning! I want to crank the computer speakers up with Pandora tuned in to some rolicking bluegrass. I want to vacuum, use the sewing machine and be noisy! I want the washing machine going, and the dryer too. I want the kitchen aid mixing up a batch of something sweet. I feel like being loud and rearranging furniture and going through closets and turning things upside down.

But it's naptime. So I tip-toe through the house, snatch the phone up fast when it starts ringing, hope that fed-ex doesn't deliver Sylvie's big girl carseat during the next hour, hiss at the dog and cat to hush, and listen to silence.

I've got two little sickies on my hands today. They need a good nap. We'll be at the doctor's office at bedtime because 7:15 was the only appointment time they had left. We've been taking advantage of their late office hours over the past couple months, and I'm tired of it. Come on spring and warmer weather and the end of cold and flu season!

Refused breakfast and all he wants to do is lay on the sofa. Poor fella.

Little Miss Demanding becomes even more demanding when feeling cruddy. Upset because her blanket fell off.

Happy now! Until it falls off again in 5 seconds.

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