Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grumpy kids, tired mom.

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt ready to go to bed at 7. Grumpy kids can really wear you down! I took a few moments amongst the crying and tantrums to snap a couple photos of a run-down Mama and her two little grumps.

Sylvie is a kissy baby, but she just laughed in my face at this particular request of "Give Mama kissies!"

The Cars obsession hit at our house just a couple weeks ago. Randy further fueled it by bringing home "Light-en Teen" and Mack. I think that little racecar has slept with Elliot every night since.


  1. Haha, cute. Hope you got a good sleep last night! Also, I love your name. :)

  2. We just had a snow day... and mine was grumpy all day long due to teething... its exhausting!!!! Cute pictures :)

  3. Cute! Our son LOVES cars! Just wait until he says, "Mom, where'd snot-rocket go?" lol!

  4. My guy loves Cars too! And I hear you about grumpsters in the house! Ugh! Love these pics though!

  5. Thank y'all so much for the comments! And Caitlin - I was able to get a glorius almost 8 hours of sleep, and thanks, I love my name, too!

  6. Grumpy kiddos are no fun! Glad to hear you got some rest :)


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