Friday, January 21, 2011

Mess stress.

I live in chaos. I hate not being able to find things! Today has been a day of lost items and resulting frustration. A screwdriver, Sylvie's hairbands, and even my little dust-buster hand vacuum. I've turned this house upside down (very quietly as the kids are sleeping) this evening trying to find that vacuum so I could put it on it's charger, and it's annoying me to death not being able to find it! It's not tiny; how the heck does one lose a hand vac?! I did have one happy discovery...while searching through my bedside table for yet another misplaced item, I found an entire bar of Lindt chocolate that Randy Santa had put in my stocking at Christmas! I don't remember putting it there, and Randy and I have been looking for that candy for weeks! Yum.

I wandered around the house today taking photos for a little home tour to post on here. An as-is photo tour. Be prepared! It's bad. Total chaos. I'm a bum. :) I'll post it sometime this weekend!


  1. awe, i wish i was brave! i would never post my house in this state. haha. have you checked out the fly lady? google it! i started her little method but didn't finish.. i need to get back into the routine of it-- definitley made improvements... especially in my kitchen! <3

  2. Blogger insists on putting your comments in the Spam folder for some reason! I found Fly Lady's book in the bargain section at Barnes and Nobles several years ago, read it cover to cover, and joined her site. Yet I've NEVER started "flying"! I do try to use some of the tips and such, but extreme laziness always seems to get in the way! : )

  3. I know they do, they are such punks! I wrote the service people about it, and they said once enough people "recognize" that i am not a spam blogger, the system would "figure it out" and remove me. i am so annoyed. i need to write them again.

    haha... i think the whole concept of "flying" is quit silly and her marketing is cheesy and products are ugly... but boy! that lady does have some wonderful tips. for sure!

    can't wait to see your house tour! every room i've ever seen in your house looks clean and inviting :)


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