Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Miss One Year Old!

I haven't included myself in any pictures this past week, so here's a few from the archives in honor of Miss Sylvie turning ONE yesterday!

Brand new baby girl!

She's giving you the evil eye.

On Jekyll Island in May.

Smooches for my baby girl.

Happy bath baby.

Superhero Sylvie on Halloween.

Her 1st Christmas morning.


  1. Happy birthday She's adorable!

  2. Happy Birthday to her!! A whole year!! Crazy!! She is so cute!

  3. Aww. Happy Birthday to your little baby. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thank you for her birthday wishes!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little one! Doesn't it just fly by? :) Thank you for the sweet comments.


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