Thursday, January 13, 2011

Embrace the Camera: First time!

I'm going to attempt to start joining in on Embrace the Camera, but who knows if I'll actually manage to keep up with it!

Randy has been practicing a new talent, making balloon sculpture! He bought a little balloon animal kit and has gotten pretty good at making a variety of animals. He started looking up how to make hats, swords, and flowers online a few nights ago, and the four of us had a fun evening of sitting in the kitchen floor playing with his creations! Sylvie and I were still in our pajamas from the night before. It was a lazy day!


  1. I hope you keep up! This picture is too cute and lazy pj days? Love Em!!

  2. my kids would die for balloon animals!! fun pic!

  3. love the lazy days! and the hat is cute! nice "embrace" moment!

  4. Welcome to the embrace!! Fun idea! Cute photo!

  5. hi you :) and welcome!

    so glad you joined us!


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