Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Cat.

We used to have 6 house cats. Now we have one. I'm not that crazy anymore.

His name is Munchie, short for Munchkin. He was born on Sept. 5th, 2004 in our half bathroom. He meows too much. He has a heart murmur and takes medicine for it every day. He is AMAZING with the two little banshees he lives with. Elliot is learning to be gentle with him, but Sylvie still pulls out great big handfuls of his fur, lays on him, and pulls his tail. He has NEVER scratched them. He annoys the crap out of Randy. He sleeps on me at night. He eats plastic and then pukes it up. He's pretty cute. I paid $100 dollars last winter to have him removed from the top of an 80 foot tall pine tree, after I kicked him out of the house for incessant meowing. He spent the night in the tree in 12 degree weather, and I called tree services the next day until I found somebody to climb the tree and get him. I was very pregnant at the time and was easily annoyed!

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