Thursday, January 20, 2011

A beautiful life.

A friend posted this as her facebook status:
"Adrienne (her 6 year old daughter) told me this morning she talked to God and told Him all the things she thought were beautiful."

I need to spend some time doing that.

I take so much in my life for granted.

I complain about things that many others would be so grateful to have.

I concentrate on the negatives, and have a hard time seeing past them to the positives.

Why is it so hard to change that? Why is it so difficult to swap two words in that statement?

It should read - I concentrate on the positives, and have a hard time seeing past them to the negatives.

Wouldn't every day be so much more full of joy if I lived that way?

That's one of those new leaves that I should be turning over.

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  1. it can get very hard to concentrate on the good things where there seems to be crumbs, everywhere... but that's what i love about blogging, it helps me find beauty and joy that i sometimes overlook or take for granted. maybe you should make a weekly list of happy things... it does some real good for the heart (:


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