Monday, January 31, 2011


Birthday party aftermath! I cut all the poor little drooping helium balloons down Sunday morning for a bit more playtime before they met the trashcan.
Her first birthday party is done and over with. Sylvie is an official toddler! So sad.

Impromptu picnic after church Sunday. The weather this weekend was so nice! It has me thinking about gardening.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Miss One Year Old!

I haven't included myself in any pictures this past week, so here's a few from the archives in honor of Miss Sylvie turning ONE yesterday!

Brand new baby girl!

She's giving you the evil eye.

On Jekyll Island in May.

Smooches for my baby girl.

Happy bath baby.

Superhero Sylvie on Halloween.

Her 1st Christmas morning.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Around the house.

I'm going to try to post a little before and after whenever I do anything around the house, no matter how small of a change it is.



So much easier to find certain books, and the bins are great for all his little cars and small toys that get lost in the bottom of the big toy basket.
Doesn't she look ridiculously comfortable?!

Oh, and Elliot is quite impressed with the baby elephant that shares his name!

Birds, booty, breakfast, and a birthday girl!


Happy 1st birthday to my sweet Sylvie girl!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Tour - As Is

Well, here you go! This is my home, as is, in all it's messy cluttery glory! The other messy people may be thinking, "Well, that's not so bad!", while the naturally organized neat people are thinking, "OMG!! How can anybody live like that?!" I was raised by one of those neat freak people, and we cleaned constantly when I was growing up. I'm not sure what happened to me! I'm a perfectionist and a major procrastinator which seems to be a deadly combo. I'm going to put off doing something until I have a chance to do it perfectly, and I never have the time to do it perfectly so it never gets done. And then things spiral out of control from there. We also have WAY too much stuff, boxes and cabinets and closets full of things we rarely use or even think about. I've purged a lot over the past year or so, but there is still loads of things that we need to let go. I like these pictures. They make me see the big picture instead of solely focusing in on the chaotic areas. I love my home. It's just hard to realize that it is in fact really pretty when I can't see past the clutter! Also, photos are forgiving. The floors, baseboards, and bathrooms look so much cleaner in photos than they actually are!

Starting at the side door that we use as the main entrance. This is our little entry/mudroom area.
Directly opposite that area is the laundry area. We had these two spaces completely remodeled in the fall getting rid of a half bath that we never used. We've still got some painting left on the trim and need to decorate.
Here is the kitchen and the computer area. The counter clutter makes me crazy!
This is the dining room. The photo is dark, but it's normally a bright and sunny room.
The living room. Toy wasteland.
Elliot's room.
The kids' bathroom.
Sylvie's room. This one makes me crazy because it's still not finished! Window trim needs to be painted, the mural finished, shelves hung, bed skirt made, and on and on and on.
Into the playroom. We just changed this up before Christmas, removing a built-in desk that took up a bunch of space, and purchasing the table and cubbies. I've got a lot more planned for this room.
The master bedroom. This is the catch-all room, and probably the worst room in the house. So much stuff. So much dust and cat hair. Blech!
The little hall between the closets and into the bathroom.
Master bathroom.
We had the master bed/bath added on to the house about 3 1/2 years ago. It was finished to the sheetrock and subfloor and then Randy and I (mostly Randy) did the rest. I did most of the painting, and we put in the hardwood floor together. He did all the trim and crown molding, tiling in the shower, put in the vanity in the bathroom, and all the lights and ceiling fan, and more stuff that I can't think of! Randy is an amazing handyman! He also put up the crown molding in the kids' rooms and replaced Sylvie's window with a larger one. We're about burnt out on DIY.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mess stress.

I live in chaos. I hate not being able to find things! Today has been a day of lost items and resulting frustration. A screwdriver, Sylvie's hairbands, and even my little dust-buster hand vacuum. I've turned this house upside down (very quietly as the kids are sleeping) this evening trying to find that vacuum so I could put it on it's charger, and it's annoying me to death not being able to find it! It's not tiny; how the heck does one lose a hand vac?! I did have one happy discovery...while searching through my bedside table for yet another misplaced item, I found an entire bar of Lindt chocolate that Randy Santa had put in my stocking at Christmas! I don't remember putting it there, and Randy and I have been looking for that candy for weeks! Yum.

I wandered around the house today taking photos for a little home tour to post on here. An as-is photo tour. Be prepared! It's bad. Total chaos. I'm a bum. :) I'll post it sometime this weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A beautiful life.

A friend posted this as her facebook status:
"Adrienne (her 6 year old daughter) told me this morning she talked to God and told Him all the things she thought were beautiful."

I need to spend some time doing that.

I take so much in my life for granted.

I complain about things that many others would be so grateful to have.

I concentrate on the negatives, and have a hard time seeing past them to the positives.

Why is it so hard to change that? Why is it so difficult to swap two words in that statement?

It should read - I concentrate on the positives, and have a hard time seeing past them to the negatives.

Wouldn't every day be so much more full of joy if I lived that way?

That's one of those new leaves that I should be turning over.

Embrace the Camera: Vitamin D

The kids are feeling so much better, still not quite 100%, but so much better! I hope all the sickness is behind us. Yesterday was actually warm enough to take them outside to play, and we all needed it badly. So we wandered the yard and soaked up a little bit of sun as it was starting to set. I've been in a perpetual bad mood the past couple days and watching Sylvie toddle around the yard and Elliot zoom from here to there at warp speed greatly improved my mood! Unfortunately Randy had a meeting at work so he didn't get home until the kids' bedtime and missed out on our outdoor time.