Saturday, November 5, 2011


I was just lamenting the fact that the room we use as a playroom is too small to be able to include everything I want to in there and still have a lot of open floor space for play. (Oh shut up, Self. Not everybody even gets to have a playroom!) I think the room is about 11 x 12 or something close to that. One wall is filled with a window. A beautiful brand-new bigger window, btw! One wall has the door into the room, one wall has the door into the master bedroom, and the last wall is taken up by the closet.

Wait...wait a minute...the closet...

The closet that we rarely ever open. The closet that is full of stuff we don't use. Stuff that could be stored elsewhere. The closet with bifold doors so squeaky we can only open it at times the kids are awake, or else we risk waking them up.

Why not get rid of those doors? Why not get rid of some stuff, and relocate some of the other stuff? Why not repaint it a coordinating color, reconfigure the shelving, and make it a usable space?

It could be a reading nook, or maybe the dress-up area, or an art center! It could add a few extra feet of space to the room and provide a little storage for art supplies, games, and out-of-rotation toys and books.

I'm already in love with this idea! I love a good brainstorm!

I'm so excited about the playroom! It's been kinda half realized for a while, but never entirely planned and put together. Now that the old, small window has been replaced it feels ready to come to fruition!

My playroom Pinterest board.

Kitty-proof sandbox

Elliot and Sylvie have long outgrown their plastic turtle sandbox so a new, big sandbox has been on Randy's honey-do list for a while. He finished it up yesterday, and after buying 8 bags of play sand today, the kids are loving their new toy! I'm loving that my dirt obsessed children are no longer insisting on playing in the "questionable" dirt in the yard. Randy built the sandbox out of 2x10s that he used a planer and router on so they would be extra smooth. He put on a bunch of coats of water sealer as we chose to use non pressure-treated wood to keep the kids from being exposed to a lot of nasty chemicals. He put it all together using L-brackets, put down a layer of weed guard underneath it, and sat the box down on top. I think the finished size is 4 feet by 6 feet, lots of room for both kids and for them to have plenty of space to play without invading each other's areas too much. Even after 8 bags of sand, it probably needs about 5 more to really be filled up sufficiently!


Plenty of room for two. Randy had already persuaded Sylvie to go inside with promises of hot chocolate and a peanut butter/honey sandwich.

I can't seem to convince Elliot that it's no longer bare feet weather!

Jumping to squish a castle.

We have a few outdoor cats that would love nothing more than to have their own personal potty box, so having a lid was a requirement. It was made using a sheet of vinyl lattice (to keep the cats out) layered with screen (to keep leaves and debris out), and framed with vinyl brick molding. It's heavy enough to keep from blowing off, but still light enough to be able to easily move around. We lean it up against the fence when the sandbox is in use. Now we just have to remember to put it back on each time to keep the cats out!



Our winters in south Georgia tend to be really mild, so we should get a good bit of use out of the sandbox even through the colder months, if I can get that boy to keep his socks and shoes on his feet! And then when warm weather hits in the spring, Elliot and Sylvie can fight over who's turn it is to be in charge of the water hose and make lakes and rivers in the sand! That is also the reason we chose to not have a solid lid, to allow the wet sand to dry. The sand in the plastic turtle with the solid lid tended to get moldy smelling from staying wet.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Happy Things.

1. Fall is in the air! Even though it's still 90+ degrees most days, it's here and I can feel it! I think that should be added to the list of 5 senses we learn about as little kids - the recognition of changing seasons. It's almost tangible.

2. Cuddling Sylvie while she's all bundled up in her towel after a bath. She lays so still cradled in my arms, clean and warm and snuggled in her towel, giggling at our reflection in the bathroom mirror. I love that little moment!

3. Hayrides. Our church's little fall festival is this weekend, and Elliot is very excitedly anticipating going on a hayride.

4. The vintage chalkboard I found at the flea market last weekend. Randy mounted it at toddler level in our hallway. That eliminated one project on my ever growing To Do list. Now I don't have to deal with chalkboard paint, and trying to keep little ones from touching wet paint!

5. My new printer! I found out it doesn't print red worth a dern, but the one photo I printed on it so far turned out pretty nice! I've missed being able to instantly have a photo to put in a frame.

Kitty napping in the sunshine - that's a happy thing, too!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Question of the Day

"Can God fly an airplane?"
                                                      -Elliot, age 3

Today so far.

Started with a trip to the dentist for Elliot's first teeth cleaning. He did so very good, and has perfect little chompers! Sylvie watched a little, and giggled at the giant teeth and toothbrushes that were on the counter. Apparently giant teeth say, "ROAR"! I didn't know that before today. They were both given balloons with a smiley tooth on them (tied up with mint dental floss, hehe) that they insisted on taking in Wal-Mart. Two little children with balloons receive a lot of smiles while in Wal-Mart, and several older folks stopped to chat with them for a moment.

Clean teeth!

Lots of new shoes for the fall were out, and I couldn't pass these up.
Bunnies? Elliot and Sylvie say they're kitties.

When Sylvie tried on her new shoes at home, Elliot insisted on wearing his new pair that we bought a few weeks ago.

She's a fussy nugget.
Time for a nap!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Becky's Bridal Shower

I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend a couple weekends ago. I love party planning!

The banner reads "The Future Mrs. Peeples". My cousin cut it out for me on her Cricut. I'm starting to think I want need one of those.

Instead of a guestbook, I did a wishing tree.


The foods! Randy made it all. Except the little cupcakes were a joint effort - I baked them, Randy made the icing, Becky frosted them, and Elliot broke the cake stand they should have been on. The same cake stand that my wedding cake was on. :(

My pinterest board for the shower.

Tired girl.

Her cousin's birthday party, a bunch of swimming, staying out past nap time, a full tummy, and 5 minutes into a 15 minute drive...this little girl was GONE. Too bad that 10 minute nap in the truck resulted in no real nap time once we got home!



Almost August, and this happened on the first of July. Blackberry picking, trip to the mountains, peach picking, lake trip, and so much more that I still haven't blogged!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday breakfast.

I turned the big 3-0 on July 1st. The realization that I'm now 30 still hasn't really taken hold, but it is strange to think that I'm no longer in my 20's. I've lived for three decades, and the things of my childhood are now considered "vintage". :) Thirty is kind of exciting in a way. It's like the transition into true adulthood - no longer am I playing at being grown-up, now I truly am an adult.


Randy made me some bacon, tomato, avocado biscuits for breakfast on the morning of the 1st, and followed it up with an amazing birthday gift. I'm now coming to you via my very own MacBook! I'm really starting to figure it out, and it's lovely!! We passed the gargantuan Dell desktop on to my mom-in-law and I'm loving all the counter space now available at the little desk area in the kitchen!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last day at the beach


Digging the rug.

Breakfast in shades at the 4th of May Cafe.

She was enamored with her sunglasses that morning!

Back on the beach, and it was my turn to be a sand sculptor!
A rogue wave washed away her arm, and made her crack down the middle. The other arm had turned out so perfect, and I didn't even get a picture.



And that's it!

I didn't take but a few photos on our last day. Randy and I were getting thougoughly tired of being sandy, and of cleaning up sandy babies. We left the next morning, and were so happy to be home! Elliot continued to ask to go to the beach everyday for close to a week afterwards. Our trip landed about a week and a half after potty training suddenly clicked with Elliot, and I was worried that his progress might go down the drain with the change in routine. I was relieved that it actually had the opposite effect! He had only a couple accidents, and they were while we were at the condo. We haven't had a poop accident since then!

Beach Day 2

I'm over a month behind on posts! I'm going to try to play catch up because I'm already starting to forget what we've done over the past month. Here's some more of our beach trip!

Randy the sand sculptor!


Sandy sea turtle. I think Elliot gave it it's eyes.

Guess who got over her fear of the ocean?! It took 10 minutes of clinging and crying while I sat in the edge of the waves with her before she decided she liked it. She had so much fun once she made friends with the water!




Beach babies from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.


Elliot on the beach from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

My tiny scientists studying the holes in the sand.

Wave hopper from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

We stayed out on the beach way too long which resulted in late naps, and severely grumpy after-nap children. Tears and tears.

Supper at a seafood place and some amazing bread pudding (that Sylvie attacked) for dessert made it all better!

Supper was followed up by checking out an awesome toy store in the shops near the pier, some playground playing, a walk on the pier where Elliot became very concerned after seeing a big fish cut up in a man's cooler, squirrel watching at the huge oak trees, and some more playground playing.





Elliot is too fast to take pictures of on the playground.

Before bed snack.

Blueberry baby from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

This is what the ocean humidity does to my hair.

Night-night Elliot! He slept on an air mattress between two twin beds. We woke up to him screaming bloody murder in the wee hours one night. He had somehow crawled under one of the beds earlier during the night, fell asleep, and then woke up scared and stuck!