Tuesday, October 26, 2010


New beginnings, a fresh start, turning over a new leaf...all of those things sound so promising, so full of potential! I've always focused on the beginning of a new week, a new month, a new year - a point in time to start improving and making changes in my life. Yet I never follow through, and yet another year passes in which I haven't lived up to my full potential and haven't made the changes I daydream about. And now I'm a year away from 30. I know that I'll always crave bettering myself and my life, but I feel like I should give myself a good kick in the pants for letting so much time slip by already.

I have a seriously amazing husband, and two sweet little children that I feel like I'm letting down by not doing all the things I'm capable of. I know that I'm a good wife, and a good mother, but I could do so, so, so much better. And they deserve so, so, so much better! So this is what this blog is about, in addition to the happenings in my daily life.

My name is Edie, and I'm 29 years old. I'm married to Randy, my high school sweetheart and the only boy I've ever dated. I have a funny, aggravating 2 year old son named Elliot, and a 9 month old (today!) sweet baby girl named Sylvie. We live in rural south Georgia with cows for neighbors. I'm a SAHM, and my husband teaches at an aviation college. I have a good life!

Me snuggling a chick at the Georgia National Fair!

 Elliot and Daddy - Tickle Time!!

Sylvie being silly at breakfast!

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